LearningRx Review: “over time we noticed progress”

Reviewed by: J. V.

Our son has been a wonderful boy! He has excelled at school, in music and in theater! However, as the 6th grade school year started, he struggled immensely with the complexity of 6th grade. We had previously identified some issues with his ability to organize & manage time. We noticed his confidence declining & grades began to suffer. His academic success was beginning to impact our bright little boy in all facets of life. Of course, no parent wants to see this in their child. So we decided to invest in LearningRx to give him an opportunity in overcoming these challenges. His trainer was persistent in challenging him. He started slowly yet improving daily. We reminded him… “Slow & steady wins the race!” We preached fortitude, perseverance, faith & patience. His trainer continued to delve into our son’s training and over time we noticed progress. He became more organized & showed better management in time. He has restored his grades & along with it, his confidence. We are grateful & happy!