Watch this video to hear our LearningRx franchisees answer the question: “How did the Home Office support you during your first year, and how do they continue to support you today?”

LearningRx Answers the Top 3 Questions Every Candidate Wants to Know
Thank you for your interest in LearningRx! If you’re reading this, then you are already well on your way to discovering if pursuing the LearningRx Franchise Opportunity is right for you. No matter what franchise opportunities you explore, the franchise experts agree that there are three questions you should ask any prospective franchisor: How Much can I Make? How long will it take to make money? and What kind of support will I get from the franchisor?
#1 – How Much Can I Make?
At LearningRx, our goal is to be transparent with our franchise candidates about thei r earning potential with us. Here’s the bottom line of how our franchisees performed in 2013:

Income/Revenue Top 33% Middle 33% Bottom 33% Average of All Centers
Revenue Charged $602,166 $361,354 $198,896 $382,160
Revenue Collected $566,081 $345,364 $208,666 $368,731
Net Profit (adjusted for director salaries) $140,348 $68,273 $11,357 $71,580
Profit as a Percentage of Revenue 23% 19% 6% 14%

(You’ll get a detailed 2014 Earnings Claim when you receive our Franchise Disclosure Document).

You’ll also get a chance during our Franchise Award Process to speak directly with our franchisees, to see what their experience was like and how long it took them to be profitable.
#2 – How Long will it Take to Make Money?
Here’s what one of our LearningRx Franchisees have experienced:
“In our first year we were able to basically break-even on a cash flow basis and only invested a small additional amount to bridge a slight short-fall one month. Since then, we’ve been able to grow significantly with no additional capital due to the fact that a majority of our customers pay for their programs up-front to take advantage of the discounts we offer. In our second year in business we will generate nearly double the amount we generated in our first year. I have worked full time in the business since April of 2010 and have drawn a comfortable salary since then. ” – Dargan Coggeshall, LearningRx of Charlottesville,  VA
#3 – What Kind of Support Will I Get from the Franchisor?
At LearningRx, we offer support from all sides.
• Every franchisee is supported by an expert Support Team, whose job is to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful.
• Every franchisee is required to go through our full 9-day franchise training, and can send additional staff members to franchise training at any time for no additional cost.
• We have an annual convention, designed to give our franchisees a chance to learn from our top franchisees, as well as brainstorm new ideas and gain new insight into our processes.
• Our marketing team provides world-class marketing pieces for our franchisees to customize and use in their area.
• New Franchisees also work with a marketing and business coach through their first year.
• Franchisees support each other through private forums and performance groups.

When you’re ready to get started, you can complete our Intro Call Questionnaire and we will contact you to schedule your first call with our Franchise Development Team. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Kindest Regards,
The LearningRx Franchise Development Team