Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO

Kristina Ellsworth, Franchise Development Coordinator

Kristina will be one of the first people you encounter as you go through the Franchise Award Process. She is available to answer your initial questions regarding our franchise opportunity. After you download our Franchise Information Kit or Franchise Webinar, Kristina will call you to discuss the opportunity in detail and schedule your introductory call (in order to schedule this call, please complete the Request for Consideration Form.). Kristina will also be instrumental in your transition from franchise candidate to franchisee. She will be your host as you attend Discovery Day, and if you are approved as a franchisee, she will assist you in the franchise agreement process.

Tanya Mitchell, Chief Recruitment Officer

As one of Dr. Gibson’s daughters, Tanya brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of LearningRx – from research, to program development, to sales, networking, and marketing. Tanya will be your guide as you navigate the franchise award process and determine if opening a LearningRx center will be a good fit and aligns with your career and family goals. As a former center director herself, Tanya has firsthand experience with each aspect of the business and can provide invaluable insight into the inner workings of a center. She is a Certified Franchise Executive and will be available to help you with your research on LearningRx, as well as the development of your business plan and financing. Tanya will also be your point of contact for territory and agreement questions, once you have been approved.