Our franchise award process takes you through several steps to make sure that LearningRx is the right fit for you. We also promise to be honest and up-front during the process because our franchise development team’s number one goal is to have successful and happy franchisees.

To get started, we recommend spending a little time learning about franchising and researching LearningRx. Start by downloading our Free Franchise Information Kit. We also recommend watching video testimonials from franchisees. Click on the buttons below to learn about the steps needed to becoming a LearningRx owner.


Steps Needed to Becoming a LearningRx Owner:

1. Introductory Call

During your first call, your Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) will help answer questions on LearningRx and franchising, as well as ask you questions to determine if your dreams and business interests match what a LearningRx center has to offer. This is a no-pressure call which lasts about 45 minutes and can be scheduled any time after completing the Request for Consideration Form.

We will start by getting to know you – learning about your background, interests, skills, and goals to see if they are aligned with our goals. We share important details about our business model and values so that you can see how your life goals will be met within our system. We will also share more information about the franchising award process, so that you know what to expect as you begin exploring the possibility of owning a LearningRx franchise.

This call is a great time to ask any questions that may have arisen during your research about our franchise opportunity. Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • How much money can I make as a franchisee?
  • How do I know if a LearningRx center can be successful in my area?
  • How long will it take for me to be ready to open a center?
  • How much support does LearningRx offer to its franchisees?
  • How can I tell people in my community about LearningRx?

2. Qualification

Your second call begins with a discussion of the results of your personality profile. We share the results of some of our top performers to give you a clear picture of what we are looking for. We want to know more about your management style, problem solving skills, and customer service skills. We want to know if you are comfortable taking a risk (because franchising does include risk!), if you are passionate about what we do, and if you enjoy managing independent, creative employees. The personality profile gives us a great deal of information about what we can expect from our candidates, and we want to evaluate those results against the profiles of our most successful franchisees in order to determine if someone is a good fit for LearningRx.

We will then take a look at your finances and, if needed, give suggestions for financing. We can also share a business plan made specifically for SBA loans. This information is used exclusively by us, and does not create any obligation. We use this information to help direct our candidates to the appropriate resources and make sure they have a clear picture of the financial investment needed to open and operate a LearningRx center.

We conclude our call with a discussion of what life would be like running a LearningRx center. We want to know if daily life in a LearningRx center sounds interesting, enjoyable, and fulfilling. Is this opportunity one that will help you reach your financial, family, and life goals? If we agree that there is a good fit, we will continue to the next step.

Prior to the next step, we will share our Franchise Disclosure Document, invite you to listen to candid conversations with franchisees about running a LearningRx center, and send you copies of Dr. Gibson’s books, Unlock the Einstein Inside and The Purpose Directed Business, so that you can further explore the franchising opportunity.

3. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) includes our franchise agreement, as well as a detailed summary of LearningRx and information on our centers. We will share this document with you prior to your call, and we will take the time to answer all your questions.

By now, we have gotten to know you – who you are, what you are interested in, and what your goals are. We have discussed your personality, the day-to-day tasks of a franchisee, and what it takes to be successful. The FDD has been shared with you so that you can see what you can expect from our franchise agreement and discover if there are any “red flags” or “deal breakers” within our agreement.

The FDD call is a time for you to ask any questions you have pertaining to the FDD – a chance to review any concerns or questions that have arisen as you’ve explored the document. We can address those concerns and clarify any confusion at this time.

Prior to your next call, we ask that you speak with some of our franchisees to get real-life information from people who are already in the system. We will also send you sample layout and leasing information, as well as a marketing launch sample for you to review.

4. Due Diligence

At this point, most candidates have specific questions about operating and running a center. We ask that you call three to five franchisees to get real-life answers to your questions. We are also happy to connect you with specific franchisees you request to speak with, such as top performers or franchisees with a similar demographic.

This process is designed to help you determine if our business opportunity aligns well with your goals – financially and personally. Speaking with franchisees who are already working in our system, changing lives, and reaching their goals will help determine if you can do the same. You can ask questions and get real answers, learn more about their experiences, and get honest and direct feedback about being a part of the LearningRx system.

Once you have completed your due diligence, we will speak once again to discuss the results of your calls with franchisees. We will discuss the feedback you received, address any concerns, and clarify any confusions. This process brings you one step closer to owning your very own LearningRx center! Once your due diligence is completed, you will be invited to Discovery Day!

5. Discovery Day

Tanya with Discovery Day Candidates at Garden of the Gods

We will invite you to spend one and a half days in Colorado Springs, Colorado as your final step through our process. We begin with presentations on marketing, support, and IT, as well as the opportunity to sit down with the founder of LearningRx, Dr. Ken Gibson. You will then have one-on-one time to spend with executives, tour a center, try brain training procedures, and finally sit down with a center director.

Discovery Day is a two-way “final” interview. Until now, you’ve spent a lot of time getting to know more about LearningRx, and we’ve spent time getting to know you. Now it’s time for us to learn more about your specific business goals, and we will share more specific information about what we offer you as a franchisee in terms of support, marketing, and systems. This is an exciting time for you to take your dream and turn it into a reality! You will discover firsthand what it will be like to work with LearningRx. You’ll know what to expect as you embark upon the journey of opening your own center, and what to expect from your franchisor. And, of course, you’ll get a chance to visit a center and observe brain training firsthand and see the changes taking place!

If you are unable to visit our headquarters in Colorado Springs, we also offer a Digital Discovery Day option, which includes approximately 8 hours of courses in our LearningRx university, followed by a Skype interview for you with our Executive Team.

Our award process is designed to make sure that LearningRx is the best fit for each individual who explores the opportunity. We want our system to be filled with happy, successful individuals who are reaching their goals and changing lives. Our process will help everyone determine if you can reach your goals with our franchise.

To get started, click here to fill out our Request for Consideration Form, or call us at 1-719-955-6708. We look forward to speaking with you!

6. Approval

After Discovery Day, our executive team will make a final decision. If you are approved, we will begin the exciting process of transitioning you from a candidate to a franchisee! Once your franchise agreement is signed, you will register for franchise training, complete Job Shadowing at a LearningRx center, and begin completing online training courses. Franchise Training is 10 days and takes place about once quarterly. After you sign the agreement, you can expect to be operating your LearningRx center within 3-6 months!

7. Get Started

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