One of the smartest reasons to buy into a franchise is that it means you won’t have to “reinvent the wheel” for your business – you have years and years of experience to build on, from both the franchisor and the franchisees in the system. Franchisees are looking for a well-rounded support system when they consider purchasing a franchise – one that will give them the help they need, when they need it. With a system as unique as LearningRx, it’s important that we have the very best people in place to provide our franchisees with support. With this in mind, we have created a Support Team of individuals who can help our franchisees with their specific needs.

Our support team has a wide range of experiences – from working in sales and management, to running a LearningRx center and developing our programs. Each member of the team has a specialty area, so they are well equipped to respond to any need and answer any question related to their area of expertise. With a team this talented and well-rounded, it goes without saying that our franchisees get the support they need, when they need it. No matter what the question, our Support team will get you the answer you need – and they’ll do it quickly!

Here is what some of our franchisees are saying about our LearningRx Support Team:

Michael Ginsberg, LearningRx Marlboro, NJ

Prior Career: Chief Financial Officer

“I have owned several businesses over my life and have come to realize that the success of any business is not only dependent on the entrepreneurial abilities of the owner, but on the support system to which they have access. So when I was deciding about whether to open a LearningRx center, I not only spent time looking at the business model, but I also wanted to make sure that there was a solid level of support to help me along the way. I wanted to make sure that not only was there good initial training, but was there sufficient ongoing support to help me open my center, hire and train the right people, deal with ongoing marketing decisions, set goals, evaluate my performance, and give suggestions to “coach” me in the right direction. I wanted to make sure there was someone or somewhere that I could call/email to get answers to questions or problems I had and that I didn’t have to wait for days or weeks to get answers.”

“So what have I experienced in my time with LearningRx? Everything they told me was true. There are excellent bi-weekly emails to keep everyone updated and informed. There are online training videos to keep you and your staff refreshed on the proper way to deliver brain training to your clients. There is a sharing of data from which you can compare your performance. There is a library full of resource material and advertising material to which you have unlimited access. And best of all, there is a dedicated business coach to lead you through your first year of decision making and system implementation. The hours and hours of time my coach made herself available is worth the franchise fee alone. On-going, I have a help desk to get answers to any question that comes my way. And boy have I taken advantage of the breadth and depth of knowledge that the Home Office staff has!”

“I have worked hard since getting my LearningRx franchise, but I couldn’t have achieved success without the support I have received from the home office. As a group they have set me up for continued growth and success. I thank them every chance I get, and I know they are there to ride this journey with me.”

“Thank you for helping me… to help others.”

Rich Frieder, LearningRx Eagan, Savage, and Woodbury, MN

Prior Career: Chief Marketing Officer

“The home office team recently implemented a new support system that has reaped great results.”

“I’ve been impressed with their depth of knowledge and speedy response to questions from me and my team. The Help Desk works very well and provides a speedy response. I know the team is very motivated and committed to providing the most expedient and quality support as possible – and it shows!”