LearningRx Reviews Franchisee Satisfaction and Business Benefits

We recently asked a number of our franchisees, “What is the biggest benefit of running a LearningRx center?” Across the board, our franchisees referenced the flexibility they have in running their own business, as well as the incredible fulfillment they feel by working with kids and adults who experience real life change in their centers.

Susie McDaniel from LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead and Alpharetta, GA says, “Flexibility and schedule are a few of the biggest benefits of running my own center. When you’re your own boss, you make your own hours. You’re also in charge and responsible for everything, so you have to be as flexible as you can, but it’s nice when you can go be with your family when you need to be with your family.” Susie’s business partner and friend, Beth Ardell adds, “We also LOVE this program. I think just doing something that you love and being able to share it with other people (even though sometimes it’s hard to run a business), at the end of the day we feel really good about what we’re doing and our families have gotten to benefit from it. I always loved physical therapy, too, but I really love this.” Susie and Beth were both physical therapists before joining LearningRx to help their own children with cognitive difficulties. They have been with LearningRx since 2007.

Julie Chambers, who owns four  LearningRx centers in the Dallas, TX area with her husband Gabe says, “Having a flexible schedule that allows you to do the other things you want to do with your time and with your life would be one piece. And then the other piece would be: you truly are changing peoples’ lives. I mean, when you help that one child who is really sucking all of the energy out of the whole family, most of the time through no fault of their own, you’re giving that family their family time back – and you’re helping to restore those relationships and the whole family dynamic. It’s very rewarding.”


After purchasing the existing LearningRx center in Appleton, WI from her sister, Jacci Knutsen was able to begin working closely with her husband and run a business for the first time. “Running a LearningRx center takes you to places that you didn’t think you could be. You use skills that you didn’t think you had. You’re able to become someone you didn’t know you could be, and offer something that is life changing to people. When people come here, they don’t know where else to turn. They can’t put their finger on what’s wrong. It’s such a joy to give someone hope. And that’s just the greatest thing. The other great benefit is that I get to work with my husband. We are together so much more than we were when he traveled for work. It’s deepened our relationship and made our family stronger.”



Rich Frieder, owner of three centers in the Twin Cities, MN area has this to say about the benefit of running a LearningRx center: “I love the interactions with people. I love the staff, my team, parents, kids. And I love being in business on my own. I feel like it’s just a huge blessing to own a business, versus working for somebody else; that’s been huge for me. And the lifestyle changes that that’s brought have been very good for me. It’s just the ability to make decisions to do the marketing I want and the only person whose approval I need is mine! You know it was really fun for me to just be able to grab the reigns and run with it, versus having to go through the steps you have to in a typical business. I definitely work a lot, but the ability to take a day off and not put through a vacation request or worry that I’m missing a certain meeting… that’s been great.” Rich was formerly a Marketing VP for a large corporation. He opened his first LearningRx center to help his daughter, who was struggling in school.