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7 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Starting a Tutoring Business

Video Transcript Below

Video Transcript

Don’t Make These Seven Mistakes

Hi, I’m Natalie Speakman, certified franchise executive and today I am with my father, Dr. Ken Gibson. He is the founder of the world’s largest personal brain training program and business opportunities. He is also the author of the book “The Purpose Directed Business”. Over the last 30 years, he has developed testing, brain training and reading programs. We have also trained hundreds of trainers who have trained over 100,000 students with our programs. Currently, we are in over 45 countries- either in large centers, doctor’s offices, or home-based businesses.

Today we wanted to provide information, to help you, if you are considering an educational or tutoring business. We want to help you avoid seven mistakes. Making mistakes in business cost money. It can affect reputation. There are a lot of reasons you don’t want to make mistakes - who wants to waste time or money when you have a passion to help people? We want to warn you of those mistakes so that you don’t make them.

Don’t Make these 7 Mistakes When Considering an Education or Tutoring Business

#1 Don’t Do What Everyone Else is Doing

When you look in your community, what is currently being offered? Don’t do the same. Be unique, better and special. In the tutoring and education field, there are a lot of copycats. There are a lot of people doing tutoring. Something we cover in another point is: tutoring doesn’t really resolve the problem; it helps deal with the symptoms. There are other opportunities in the “help kids’ field” that have great potential. The tutoring business is very competitive. If someone needs help with homework - almost everyone can do it.

#2- Don’t Provide Average Results

You want to build your reputation as better than average. Think about the restaurants you go to- if it is average it isn’t much fun. You don’t share and brag about it. If you go someplace you get a special deal, or the food is exceptional, you let others know. You need to be better than average!

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