Preparing for the SAT and ACT

April is now half over, and that means that high school juniors (and some seniors) have just taken or are preparing to take the SAT or ACT. These two admissions tests are looked at by nearly every college and university in the country, and students often spend weeks preparing for their tests. Their schools may provide prep courses and practice tests, and some students spend their evening studying certain subjects in order to do their best once test day arrives. At LearningRx, our approach to learning is based on improving cognitive skills, and not only making students better test takers, but better learners overall. As a franchisee, you could provide brain training programs that help high school students prepare for admissions tests, college courses, and their life beyond academics.

Millions of Students

Millions of students take the ACT and SAT every year, and if there is a high school in your community, chances are there are students who are preparing to take one or both of the tests this year. They may be looking for different ways to prep for the test, or they’ve found that they’re unable to focus during their school’s prep sessions, and that’s where brain training can help. Unlike traditional tutoring that concentrates on fact retention, brain training can help improve attention and memory. Instead of worrying about recalling information during the stress of the test, students will be able to focus on letting their brain work for them, not against them.

Upcoming Test Dates

The ACT has three test dates in 2017, and the SAT has four. Some have already come and gone, but students can still register for the June 10th ACT test by May 5th (with late registration until May 17th). For those who want to take the SAT, the next test date is May 6th, and late registration ends on April 25th. For high school juniors who want to take the SAT for the first time during the summer before their senior year, there is a test date on June 3rd. They must be signed up by May 9th for normal registration, and May 24th for late registration.

For a student who’s taking one or both of the test this spring, it might be a little late to start a brain training program. However, if they’re a junior this year and plan on taking each test at least one more time, finding a LearningRx center now can prepare them for the final time they take the ACT or SAT next year. By opening a center in your community, you’ll be providing students with access to new learning methods and improved ways of using their brains. They’ll sit down on test day, number 2 pencil in hand, confident and ready to do their very best.

If you’re interested in learning more about brain training or the LearningRx franchise model, please contact us right away. We love meeting new people and speaking with them about how they want to impact the lives of students in their town or city!

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