1. A Franchise That Changes Lives

    At LearningRx, we know that there are countless franchise opportunities out there, and that each one offers unique advantages. If you're a business-minded individual, then you likely take the time to study companies and see what benefits they offer and how they impact the communities in which they're located. As a brain training franchisee, you'll be able to offer your community life-changing prog…Read More

  2. Brain Training Teaches Skills That Last

    Unlike traditional tutoring, where information is taught for a specific task such as a project or a test, brain training is designed to teach skills that are retained. Students often "cram" for a test, hoping to learn as much as they can before the exam, but often forget the facts as soon as the test is over. At LearningRx, our goal is to help students unlock greater cognitive potential, making th…Read More

  3. Brain Training from Orlando to Seattle

    At LearningRx, we're always excited to meet a potential franchisee and learn how he or she wants to impact their community. Our brain training franchises are led by people from all backgrounds and all locations, and we always love being able to bring our programs and success to a new part of the country. With locations from Orlando to Seattle, we've brought our programs to students all across the …Read More

  4. An Alternative to a Traditional Tutoring Franchise

    As the parent of school-aged children, you've watched them succeed and you've watched them struggle. As they've grown, you've tried to help them with newer and tougher assignments, but even you weren't able to comprehend all that the homework asked. If you've grown more and more frustrated as your child became frustrated, you may have considered turning to a tutoring franchise for help. While t…Read More

  5. Open Your Education Franchise This Year

    Every year, people encounter new opportunities and challenges, and how they approach those encounters will determine how their year unfolds. If you're a teacher or administrator, or perhaps a businessperson or entrepreneur, an education franchise could be the perfect opportunity for you. You may be feeling overwhelmed in your current job, or simply ready for something new, and at LearningRx, we'r…Read More

  6. Help Students Feel Better About Homework

    As a LearningRx franchisee, you'll encounter all types of personalities in students of all ages. One situation that you may run into more often than others is students that have trouble completing homework, or simply don't want to do homework at all. If they're struggling in class, the last thing they want to do is work on assignments that they don't understand when they get home. With our brain t…Read More

  7. Encourage Students to Try Brain Training

    As a parent or teacher, you take notice when your child or a student in your class is having trouble completing assignments or participating in group activities. You've done your best to encourage them and help them however you can, but you still haven't seen positive gains in their studies or assignments. At LearningRx, we want parents and teachers to play a role in improving a student's cognitiv…Read More

  8. Improve IQ with Our Brain Training Programs

    Every person has a different intelligence quotient (IQ), and the largest percentage of the population falls between 70 and 130, with 100 being the average, or mean. If a person has an IQ over 110, they are considered to have "superior intelligence," and geniuses will have an IQ of 140 and above. At LearningRx, we've conducted research to see what the IQ gain is for students who go through our br…Read More

  9. LearningRx Didn’t Happen Overnight

    At LearningRx, we understand that it takes time to accomplish one's goals, and that no one finds success overnight. This is true whether you're going to school, starting a business, or opening a brain training education franchise. This is why we've designed our programs to help students over a prolonged period of time, building solid cognitive skills that will serve them for the rest of their live…Read More