A Franchise That Changes Lives

At LearningRx, we know that there are countless franchise opportunities out there, and that each one offers unique advantages. If you’re a business-minded individual, then you likely take the time to study companies and see what benefits they offer and how they impact the communities in which they’re located. As a brain training franchisee, you’ll be able to offer your community life-changing programs that give students the opportunity to achieve more in the classroom, as well as in any career they choose after graduation.

Unlike traditional academic tutoring centers, our locations offer in-depth brain training programs that promote improved cognitive skills, not merely the retention of facts and figures. Our business model is built on years of research and territorial distribution, which helps each franchise owner provide the greatest impact in their town or city. You will receive outstanding support from our core team, and we’ll always disclose financial goals and earnings statements. We know that success may be initially measured on paper, but the effect that our programs have on students of all ages is where the true accomplishment is made.

If you’re researching franchises and looking for that next business opportunity, please contact us today. If you were an educator or an administrator that saw firsthand how students can struggle with memory, processing speed, and logic and reasoning, then our programs will give you an opportunity to change the life of the next student that comes to your learning center. Let us know today if a brain training franchise is something that interests you!

Brain Training Teaches Skills That Last

Unlike traditional tutoring, where information is taught for a specific task such as a project or a test, brain training is designed to teach skills that are retained. Students often “cram” for a test, hoping to learn as much as they can before the exam, but often forget the facts as soon as the test is over. At LearningRx, our goal is to help students unlock greater cognitive potential, making them better learners, instead of just better test-takers. As a franchisee, you’ll be providing brain training programs that teach students how to call upon more of their memory, improve logic and reasoning, increase their reading comprehension, and more.

When you open your franchise location, no matter where it is, you’ll most likely have parents and students that come in looking for a “quick-fix” tutoring solution. This will give you an opportunity to explain our one-on-one approach, and how our programs provide greater classroom success every day of the year, not just on test days. When we looked at student retention rates following one year of working with a LearningRx tutor, we saw outstanding results in several cognitive areas, including processing speed, short-term memory, and logic and reasoning.

If you’re interested in helping students of all ages improve their cognitive skills, and retain those skills over the course of their academic career, as well as their life, contact us today. We’ll explain how you can begin the brain training franchise process, what the foundation of our curriculum is, and how you can be successful in this new endeavor. We look forward to speaking with you!

Brain Training from Orlando to Seattle

At LearningRx, we’re always excited to meet a potential franchisee and learn how he or she wants to impact their community. Our brain training franchises are led by people from all backgrounds and all locations, and we always love being able to bring our programs and success to a new part of the country. With locations from Orlando to Seattle, we’ve brought our programs to students all across the country, but we know that there are more towns and cities where students of all ages can benefit from our curriculum.

If you’re the parent of a school-aged child, a former administrator, or a teacher that witnessed firsthand the struggles that students face in the classroom, then you may be perfectly positioned to start your own LearningRx franchise. One of the first aspects of our process that we will cover is territory, explaining where our learning centers are already located, and where it will be best to place your new franchise. We want to ensure that this is a successful endeavor for you, both as a business owner and as someone who is bringing our programs to the students who need them.

To start your franchisee process, please contact us right away. We love meeting new people, learning where they are from, and seeing how they want their brain training franchise to impact those around them. No matter where you’re located, we can help you get started. We even have a brain training center in Hawaii, so no state is too close or too far!

An Alternative to a Traditional Tutoring Franchise

As the parent of school-aged children, you’ve watched them succeed and you’ve watched them struggle. As they’ve grown, you’ve tried to help them with newer and tougher assignments, but even you weren’t able to comprehend all that the homework asked. If you’ve grown more and more frustrated as your child became frustrated, you may have considered turning to a tutoring franchise for help. While the tutoring may help your son or daughter retain facts for a test or assignment, they can still have the same classroom struggles and challenges as before. At LearningRx, we provide an alternative to traditional tutoring, and as a franchisee, you can provide parents with options that you may not have found when looking for a local learning center.

Our brain training programs are designed to target weak cognitive skills, not just make students better at recalling information when needed. When you open a new location in your town or city, you’ll be able to offer parents and students a different approach to overcoming classroom struggles, and children will find the confidence they need to complete assignments on time and participate in activities.

LearningRx doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, as certain tutoring franchises can do. We’ve developed individual programs that focus on certain cognitive skills, allowing you to create a unique plan for every student that comes to your location. Also, our programs aren’t just designed for those in elementary or middle school, they can also benefit college students and adults that struggle with focus or memory. Contact us today for more information!

Open Your Education Franchise This Year

Every year, people encounter new opportunities and challenges, and how they approach those encounters will determine how their year unfolds. If you’re a teacher or administrator, or perhaps a businessperson or entrepreneur, an education franchise could be the perfect opportunity for you. You may be feeling overwhelmed in your current job, or simply ready for something new, and at LearningRx, we’re always excited to meet people who are looking for something new that will benefit students of all ages in their community.

With our brain training programs, you will be providing students with new opportunities to unlock cognitive potential and find greater success in the classroom. Our curriculum can help first grade students that are struggling with reading, as well as college students that are preparing for mid-term or final exams. Our programs are based off of years of research, and our one-on-one approach allows students to work with the same trainer every time and progress at a positive rate. Unlike traditional academic tutoring, brain training focuses on cognitive skills, not merely information retention. You’ll be helping students access more brainpower, not just prepare for upcoming tests and assignments.

If you’re ready for a new opportunity that will be both challenging and rewarding, please contact us today. We’ll discuss your franchise options, our territories, and what the process is for opening your own brain training center. If all goes well and you’re approved as a franchisee, your education franchise location could be open before 2016 is over, and you’ll be enjoying your new career!



Help Students Feel Better About Homework

As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll encounter all types of personalities in students of all ages. One situation that you may run into more often than others is students that have trouble completing homework, or simply don’t want to do homework at all. If they’re struggling in class, the last thing they want to do is work on assignments that they don’t understand when they get home. With our brain training programs, you can help students overcome the cognitive challenges that are stopping them from understanding what is being in taught and successfully translating that knowledge to their homework.

You may also have parents that come to your learning center looking for help because they’re tired of battling with their child over completing homework. By having the student complete a cognitive analysis, you can pinpoint which skills need to be focused on, and decide where the best place will be for them to start. If they have trouble paying attention in class, or are struggling to complete their take-home reading assignments, those cognitive skills can be improved and the homework obstacles should be removed. You can also speak with the child’s parents about how they can help with homework, and how they can be mindful of why their child might be struggling to understand a certain concept or task.

To learn more about our brain training programs and franchise opportunities in your area, please contact us today. We’ll provide you with all of the necessary information to make the best decision regarding your future as a LearningRx franchisee. We look forward to hearing from you!

Encourage Students to Try Brain Training

As a parent or teacher, you take notice when your child or a student in your class is having trouble completing assignments or participating in group activities. You’ve done your best to encourage them and help them however you can, but you still haven’t seen positive gains in their studies or assignments. At LearningRx, we want parents and teachers to play a role in improving a student’s cognitive skills, and that can include bringing them to one of our education franchise locations for brain training programs.

We know that some students will be hesitant and shy when they first come to your franchise location, and by speaking with their parents, you can find out what will help the child feel at ease. It’s a new experience and those can be intimidating, but you’ll soon learn how to handle all personality types, from those that react with silence and shyness, and those that seem boisterous and excited. Each student requires a unique approach, and that’s where our one-on-one method proves extremely effective. Before long, every parent and teacher will see amazing improvements in their student’s cognitive skills.

If you would like to give parents and teachers access to brain training programs that will help their children and students overcome challenges in the classroom, please contact us right away. We’ll provide information on starting your own education franchise, and how it will benefit your community. Friends, neighbors, and educators will soon learn that your LearningRx location is a positive and encouraging place that gives students access to greater success in school and in life.

Improve IQ with Our Brain Training Programs

Every person has a different intelligence quotient (IQ), and the largest percentage of the population falls between 70 and 130, with 100 being the average, or mean. If a person has an IQ over 110, they are considered to have “superior intelligence,” and geniuses will have an IQ of 140 and above. At LearningRx, we’ve conducted research to see what the IQ gain is for students who go through our brain training programs. When you open your franchise location, you’ll be able to help others improve their IQ.

From 2011-2012, we compiled the scores of nearly 6,000 clients who each underwent an average of 90 hours of brain training to improve logic & reasoning, memory, and other cognitive skills. The results from those scores showed that the mean gain of IQ points was 14.6, meaning that someone who had an IQ of 95 before cognitive training could now have a score of 109 to 110. Improved cognitive skills not only improve a person’s intelligence quotient, they also boost his or her confidence in the classroom or the workplace. We’ve conducted numerous other studies that measure the effects of our programs, and we will gladly share them with any potential franchisee.

If you’re thinking about a new career path where you can help people unlock greater cognitive potential, please contact us right away. With our brain training programs, you can help people improve their IQ, access their memory faster, and process things more quickly. People of all ages can benefit from our programs, and experience more success in work, school, and in life.

LearningRx Didn’t Happen Overnight

At LearningRx, we understand that it takes time to accomplish one’s goals, and that no one finds success overnight. This is true whether you’re going to school, starting a business, or opening a brain training education franchise. This is why we’ve designed our programs to help students over a prolonged period of time, building solid cognitive skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Their journey starts when they visit your new location, just as our journey started over 40 years ago.

Our founder, Dr. Ken Gibson, opened his first pediatric optometry clinic in 1968, hoping to help children with learning and reading problems improve through vision correction. He soon found that poor vision wasn’t the cause of learning challenges, and four years later, in 1972, he opened his first preschool that included teaching machines, sensory-motor training, and an in-depth reading program. Over the next 40 years, those programs served as the basis for our brain training research and led to the founding of LearningRx. Franchisees all across the country are now part of that history, and can draw on our experience to build better programs and enable students to find the success that they are seeking.

People of all ages can benefit from brain training, and when you open your education franchise, you’ll be providing them access to programs that are built on a solid foundation of research and examination. To learn how you can open your own franchise, or simply to gather more information about who we are and what we do, please contact us today!

We’re Different Than Online Brain Training Games

Brain training, as an industry, has taken off in the past few years. It seems that there is a new online brain training game or memory-improving program every week, and people have found many of them to be both helpful and enjoyable. At LearningRx, we love seeing people improve their cognitive skills, but we take a different approach than a 10-minute brain teaser that someone can do over their lunch break. Our brain training programs and franchises are designed to give students the attitude, confidence, and results that they need to succeed in the classroom, at work, and in life in general.

Online brain training games often present you with a puzzle or question that you have to solve within a set amount of time. Our programs are customized to each client, and we don’t put a time limit on progress or results. We encourage clients to go beyond their comfort zone, since we know that even though they may fail, it’s only temporary and can lead to greater cognitive strength. As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be able to inspire students to go beyond what they think they can do and embrace challenges that will come.

Only through precise and sustained brain training can a person hope to improve memory, attention, and comprehension skills. Online brain teasers are fun and somewhat effective, but our approach provides results that will show throughout the rest of a person’s life. If you’re interested in opening a franchise location in your community, contact us today!