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Education or Tutoring Franchise vs Brain Training Franchise

Video Transcript Below

Video Transcript

Brain Training vs. Tutoring

Hi, I’m Tanya Mitchell, Certified Franchise Executive and I am with my father today, Dr Ken Gibson, the founder of the world’s largest personal brain training program, which has franchisees and licensees in over 45 countries around the world, as well as the author of the Gibson Cognitive Skills Test. He is also the co-author of the book “The Purpose Directed Business”. Today we will be discussing why you should choose a brain training business opportunity over a tutoring or educational business.

7 reason to select a Brain Training Business over a Tutoring Business

#1- Tutoring is not unique

Everyone is doing it. There are probably a lot of tutors in your community. Why not offer something both unique and needed?

#2- You can charge more for brain training

With tutoring, you are competing with the high schooler next door, or a mom, or former teachers which may charge $12-$20/hour (and maybe some free). Brain training offers a very specialized service, so it is very difficult for anyone to compete. Brain training fees average between $70 and $100/hr. You can have employees and trainers as a licensee and develop a larger business as a franchisee.

#3- Brain training has higher customer satisfaction

When we ask people at the end of training “How likely are you to refer your friends or family to LearningRx”, we have averaged a 9.6 on a 10 point scale for over seven years. That is important because one of the major avenues for new students is referrals from satisfied students and parents. You want to WOW parents – who are very aware of the improvements, as well as the student.

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