Available Franchise Territories

Thank you for your interest in LearningRx! We are currently expanding nationwide. LearningRx has centers from coast to coast; however, there is plenty of prime territory available. Don’t miss your opportunity to bring this amazing service to your community! When you are considering a location for your business, you should look at the following factors:

Population Size

Median Household Income

Number of school-aged children

Real Estate Costs

Child Enrichment Businesses nearby

The majority of our LearningRx centers are in areas with around 200,000 population in a 5- to 7-mile radius. Center territories also include a large population of kids between the ages of 10-14. Your franchise development coach may direct you to look for a location in areas where the median household income is above $55,000 but the cost of living and other factors may impact the needed median income for an area.

The cost of real estate is also crucial to your bottom line; it is better to be in a lower-cost location that is further from main thoroughfares. If there are other child-related businesses and services nearby (karate or dance studios, tutoring centers, etc.), that may indicate strong demand for a LearningRx center in your area.

The Top Available LearningRx Territories in the United States

We have identified a number of ideal areas for a new LearningRx Center. Are you interested in starting a business in any of the following cities? Click on the location below to learn more about your area or contact us to set up an informational call!

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