1. Students Who May Need a Brain Boost Over the Summer

    While very few kids get excited about the idea of summer school, there are those who are looking for ways to keep their brains engaged during their summer break. At LearningRx, our brain training programs are designed to help students improve cognitive skills in areas they tend to struggle, such as attention or memory. Students don’t necessarily want to go to a tutor over the summer, but they do…Read More

  2. Keep Kids Learning During Summer Break

    We covered this topic in a previous post, but with summer break right around the corner once again, it can be beneficial to think about how to keep kids learning during their time away from school. While they may not be in a formal classroom setting for a few months, students will continue to learn, whether they’re playing games, going on a scavenger hunt, or keeping a journal. At LearningRx, ou…Read More

  3. 5 Daily Brain Breaks for the Office

    At LearningRx, our mission is to help students of all ages improve their cognitive skills through our brain training programs. Our franchisees across the country work with students on a daily basis to improve attention, focus, memory, processing speed, and more, and the results often speak for themselves. We all use our brains for so much every day, and it’s important to take breaks every so oft…Read More

  4. Offer an Alternative to Summer School

    When you were a child, you may have heard about some of your classmates attending summer school in order to catch up on subjects that they may have fallen behind on during the year. Summer school may have carried some negative connotations, as if it were some form of punishment, but in reality, it was the best way for these students to keep up with their peers. At LearningRx, we believe in giving …Read More

  5. Open a Brain Training Franchise This Summer

    As the end of the semester draws closer, you might be thinking about what you’re going to do this summer. You might be a teacher, a parent, or both, and you look forward each year to the break that the summer months provide for both you and your kids. If you’re looking to pursue something new this summer in terms of a career path, then LearningRx would love to talk to you about opening a brain…Read More

  6. Preparing for the End of the Semester

    Now that Spring Break has come and gone for most students around the country, the focus has turned to the final weeks of the semester. Some schools may not be letting out until the end of May or beginning of June, but nearly all classes will be preparing for some type of end-of-year project or test. At LearningRx, we want students of all ages to be prepared for the end of the semester. Our brain t…Read More

  7. Brain Fun for Spring Break!

    For many students around the country, spring break is nearly here, and they’re likely excited for a respite from schoolwork. Those in college might be heading off somewhere tropical, but for younger students, a week at home is the perfect break from the classroom. At LearningRx, we understand the need for a hiatus from school, since the brain needs time to rest as well. During spring break, stud…Read More

  8. What Are the Schools Like in Your City?

    At LearningRx, we want every student in every classroom to succeed. We know that not all schools are the same, and our learning center franchisees around the country have worked with students of varying ages and ability levels. If you’re interested in opening an education franchise in your city so that you can offer brain training programs, then it’s good to know what the schools in your city …Read More

  9. New Classroom This Semester?

    With the spring semester well underway for schools all across the country, both students and teachers are settling into a routine. However, for those students and teachers who are in a new classroom, it can take a bit more time to get comfortable. At LearningRx, we’re passionate about helping students of all ages improve their cognitive skills through our brain training programs. If you’re int…Read More