Psychology Professionals: Are you ready for something more?

Psychology Professionals: Are you ready for something more?

Watch Now: Statistically significant changes with LearningRx brain training

In August, we hosted a LearningRx cognitive research and opportunity webinar for psychologists and professionals to share the research and results that set LearningRx apart from other educational services. 

Check out the more than 20 published, peer-reviewed articles from the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research and hear from clinical psychologist, Dr. Janissa Jackson and cognitive psychologist, Dr. Amy Moore as they share the power of LearningRx cognitive training as well as a unique business opportunity that could offer you another revenue stream.

In the 30-minute webinar, learn about:

  • The scientific research that shows statistically significant changes in 7 cognitive skills and general intellectual ability after LearningRx one-on-one brain training
  • Clinical psychologist, Dr. Janissa Jackson’s immediate success upon opening a LearningRx center.
  • How one-on-one brain training works (including a demo)
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Dr. Jackson was working 3 days a week as a diagnostician and was often frustrated by the lack of options she had to give individuals and families after handing them a diagnosis. “The burnout of direct patient care is real. Now, I look forward to consulting with LearningRx clients. I love discussing their assessment results and providing them with a solution once I have given them a diagnosis. LearningRx breathed life into my practice, and I love that I can present my patients with a clear next step.”

If you…

  • Own your own practice,

  • Are burnt out on patient care,

  • Are looking for a solution after patient diagnosis, and

  • Want another revenue stream,

...then LearningRx is for you.

One-on-one brain training may be a perfect complement to your existing practice. LearningRx cognitive training helps children and adults to learn easier, think faster, and perform better. You can learn more about our methods, research, and business model by watching the LearningRx Research and Opportunity Webinar.

Running a LearningRx center in your community can give you a sense of connection to your neighbors and allow you to leverage your personal network of parents, professionals, and business connections. You’ll be making a long-lasting change for children and adults who are searching for answers.

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Many of our successful franchisees are business owners who have a passion for helping children and adults in their communities learn easier, think faster, and perform better. A psychology degree is not a prerequisite for owning a LearningRx center. If you are interested in brain science and want to know more about our convergence of evidence, this webinar is for you! 

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If you’re ready to change lives for a living in your community, the first step is to download the free Franchise Information Kit.
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