Why Open a LearningRx Franchise?

With struggling students in every community, parents are looking for help. There are many education and child franchise opportunities; however, LearningRx gets big client results and has business benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Outstanding Client Results
There is no other program in the world that comprehensively targets the skills needed to learn, think, and remember (easier & faster) AND gets the results that we do through our education center franchise.
Simple Business Drivers
…which lead to strong conversion rates proven over 18 years of franchising. During your award process, we will walk you through the four metrics that drive center revenue and the conversion rates needed to leverage your marketing efforts for success. Additionally, our team will even provide you with a break-even calculator so you can run the numbers yourself. See the franchise investment breakdown.
Protected Territories
…of 200,000 population with a presence of school-aged children and qualifying households. Our team will walk you through your location of interest and then we’ll confirm together that your territory will give you the opportunity to meet your goals.
A Client Satisfaction Rating of 9.6 out of 10
LearningRx franchisees survey 95% of LearningRx graduates and the message is clear: Clients love LearningRx!
A Hybrid Learning Franchise Business Model
…that allows franchisees to offer both in-person and live, remote training to their clients. This expands your reach so that you can help clients who may not be able to come into your center due to drive-time or health concerns.
Clients Ages 5 - 95
Unlike other education or child franchises, LearningRx serves clients of all ages and diagnoses, which creates a wide customer base and more opportunity. Serve clients with learning & reading struggles, ADHD, Dyslexia, Traumatic Brain Injury, Mild Cognitive Decline, plus career adults, and more.

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