What is LearningRx brain training?

LearningRx one-on-one brain training franchise strengthens weak cognitive skills in order to make learning (and life) easier for children and adults.
There’s a consensus in education research that shows a strong correlation between cognition (or brain skills) and school performance. Most of the time when a student is struggling in school, one or more essential brain skills is weak. And this is true not just school-aged students. Adults also use these essential brain skills at work and in life. You are never too old to train your brain!

LearningRx starts each client with a brain skills assessment to pinpoint weak areas that are making learning and performance harder than they need to be. We then pair each client with a personal brain trainer to target individual weaknesses using intense (but fun!) game-like exercises that make big changes, fast.

The Seven Key Brain Skills

There are seven key skills children and adults need to learn and perform. LearningRx assesses and trains all seven, one-on-one. LearningRx brain training targets the root cause of learning struggles, not just the symptoms, making LearningRx stand out as a brain training franchise in the education franchise and tutoring business industries.

Working Memory
Long-Term Memory
Processing Speed
Logic & Reasoning
Visual Processing
Auditory Processing
“What I hear most from my families is the increase in confidence they see in their students that come into our center. Usually when a student comes to our center, they are defeated, and when they leave, they walk with their head high, they’re smiling, they’re confident, and they’re ready to take on the world.”
Sandy Zamalis, LearningRx Franchisee
Help students thrive with your own LearningRx center.