learningrx franchisees

Experienced Tutoring Center Franchise Training & Support

The award-winning support and training team at LearningRx is made up of experienced center directors and staff that have run successful LearningRx Education centers themselves.

Franchisee Support

LearningRx offers some of the most extensive franchisee support in the industry.

For starters, new franchisees attend an 5-day intensive business training that includes the LearningRx programs, center operations, marketing and sales training, and more. After franchise training, an experienced team helps them with their marketing launch and franchisees host their business coach for an onsite visit.

Although nothing can replace your ability and drive to run a successful business, LearningRx franchisees benefit from: business coaching, a full time help desk, system-wide town hall meetings, peer performance groups, regional meetings, and an annual convention with workshops and world-class presentations as franchisees continue to refine their business skills.

New Franchisee Training

Before attending franchise training, new franchisees are assigned courses in our online LearningRx University to learn about our marketing messaging, company values, client programs, and more.

Join the LearningRx Home Office team in scenic Colorado Springs, Colorado for five days of training on all aspects of running a LearningRx center and visit our corporate-owned center.

Following franchise training, you will co-manage your marketing launch with an experienced team to implement local advertising and launch your new business.

LearningRx CEO, Kim Hanson, will join you onsite at a your Ribbon Cutting ceremony. She’ll also personally coach you on your consultative sales during her visit.

After your grand opening, you will welcome your business coach onsite to meet with your staff and help you refine your key business drivers like networking, sales, and program delivery.

Once your center is up and running, meet weekly with an experienced LearningRx center director during your first few months of operation to create good habits and keep your eyes on key performance metrics.


LearningRx is rated highly by franchisees for:

  • Training and Support, including our effective use of technology and communications.
  • The Franchise System including products & services and innovation.
  • Respect and care from our home office and honesty and integrity from the franchisor.
  • Support for our brand and each other, having a more active community, and feeling like valued members of our system.
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