What is the Profile of a Successful Education or Tutoring Center Franchisee?

What is the Profile of a Successful Education or Tutoring Center Franchisee?

LearningRx Reviews Business Profiles for Success in Education or Tutoring Franchise

Thank you for your interest in our free business profile! If you are considering starting a tutoring business, children’s franchise, or service-based business, it’s important to take time to determine if you have the natural tendencies to be successful in your new career. Each business has specific requirements for success, and they vary based on the type of business you are investigating. However, most service-based businesses that offer a specific product to a varied customer base will require some degree of sales, networking, and marketing. Businesses that require more behind-the-scenes operational oversight may require fewer sales tendencies and more administrative aptitude. Regardless of the type of business, a blend of sales, marketing, administration, operational oversight, charisma, and customer service will be needed.

Understanding ahead of time what your natural tendencies are can help you choose the right business for you. If you already know what sort of business you’d like to begin (or what franchise concept you’d like to join), a personality profile can help you determine what will come naturally to you in your new endeavor, and what you may need to look for in the personnel you plan to hire. For example, if you are naturally gifted at sales and networking, you may need to search for employees to help you manage the administration of the business and vice versa.

There is no “right” or “wrong” profile type; there is simply a natural leaning in one direction or another, which can help you determine what will be enjoyable and easy for you on a day-to-day basis, and what you may struggle with—and therefore who you want to hire to make sure you have all of your bases covered.

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Education Franchise Profile #1: The Go-Getter

Sales-oriented Business Owner

The Go-Getter is a business owner who enjoys closing the deal. They are driven and sales-oriented. They enjoy networking and are very comfortable sharing their products and services with anyone and everyone they meet. They have business cards with them at all times and don’t shy away from conversations with strangers. They love to win and see every interaction as a chance to win a new customer. At a party, you will find the Go-Getter commanding a corner of the room and leading a healthy discussion on their topic of choice; they will be sharing their opinions with the intention of winning over their audience. They are focused on the bottom line and want to meet and exceed their required minimums each month. The Go-Getter is naturally inclined to focus their time and efforts on sales, networking and marketing activities.

The Go-Getter may spend less time focusing on the day-to-day administrative tasks required. Spreadsheets, payroll, and accounting may not hold their attention in the same manner as a new opportunity to share their product with the world. For that reason, the Go-Getter may need to hire someone to help them run the operations, accounting, or administrative portions of the business.

The Go-Getter would be well suited for a business that requires a good deal of time out of the office: they want to be out in their community, meeting other business owners, sharing ideas and opportunities at networking events, and spreading the word about their products and services to their client base. They will find success in a business in which they are able to win customers and keep them for life. The Go-Getter may not be as successful in a business that requires a very precise process or predictable routine, as they enjoy a great deal of variety and excitement in their daily life.

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Education Franchise Profile #2: The People Person

Relationship-Oriented Business Owner

The business owner whose most dominant trait is the People Person will have no trouble meeting fellow business owners, potential clients, vendors, and future employees on a daily basis. This person often has thousands of friends on social media, a full list of contacts on their phone, and can’t run an errand without running into people they know. They enjoy networking events and are often members of organizations, clubs, and boards in their community. At a party, you will find the people person visiting multiple rooms and groups of friends, adding their insight to the conversation before they flit to a new room and a new group. The People Person is focused primarily on relationship building and uses their natural abilities to build rapport and persuade their clients to choose their business, product, or service over the competition. Their ability to quickly make friends comes through during a consultative sales process, as they get to know their clients deeply and genuinely desire to help them meet their needs and fulfill their expectations.

The People Person may spend less of their time focusing on the bottom line and day-to-day business management tasks, as they prefer to spend time in front of their clients and employees, building relationships and networking with other business owners. They may find that they need to hire someone to help with the administrative tasks their business requires. Sometimes, the people person also struggles to close the deal and may benefit from an employee to help them with sales conversions.

The People Person would be well suited to a business that requires frequent networking, both with business owners and their client base. They would enjoy a business that involves building a network of professionals on whom they can call for referrals, and who will in turn refer to them. The People Person will find success in a business that thrives on relationships and which provides consistent opportunities to interact with individuals and families that enjoy what they offer in the marketplace. They may not enjoy a business that does not include frequent face-to-face interactions, or one that is more focused on metrics and accuracy than on relationships.

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Education Franchise Profile #3: The Party Planner

Balance-Oriented Business Owner

Individuals who are predominantly the Party Planner type will enjoy a business that allows them to focus on the needs of their customers. The Party Planner is a team player whose primary goal is to make sure their team and customers are well cared for and comfortable. They consider every possible scenario and requirement their customers may have and seek to meet those needs as quickly and seamlessly as possible. At a party, you will often find the Party Planner behind the scenes, making sure trash cans are empty, ice buckets are full, and everyone has a snack and drink. They are the consummate host and create a warm, inviting space wherever they go. The Party Planner rolls out the welcome mat for their professional network, clients, and vendors so that they feel included, cared for, and important. They are careful and deliberate in their daily activities to ensure that people feel respected and content.

The Party Planner may spend less time focusing on networking and marketing, as they seek to create the perfect environment for their customers. They will have no problem meeting the needs of the customer or problem right in front of them but may struggle to create new business and follow up with potential clients. The Party Planner may benefit from hiring someone who is strong in the areas of sales, networking, and marketing so that they are able to focus on creating a warm, welcoming environment in which clients leave feeling well cared for.

The Party Planner is well suited for a business with a steady influx of new and returning customers who are looking for a consistently positive experience. They will enjoy any opportunity to show their clients that they care, that their needs are important, and that they are truly invested in their well-being. The Party Planner may not enjoy running a business that requires cold calling, frequent networking, or a “hard sale.”

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Education Franchise Profile #4: The Task Master

Systems-Oriented Business Owner

The Task Master is the spreadsheet making, checklist completing, checkbook balancing, system creating mastermind. They are focused on the black and white, nitty-gritty details of running a business. They enjoy accounting procedures, reading manuals, following protocols, and fine-tuning processes to improve business performance. They seek to achieve perfection in every endeavor and accuracy is crucial to their daily activities. At a party, you may find the Task Master perusing the host’s bookshelves, discussing the best way to roast a turkey, alphabetizing the spices, or leading partygoers in a complicated game with many steps and rules to follow. Precision is their bread and butter, and they strive to create order in everything they do. The Task Master has a perfectly organized calendar, office, and filing system for each aspect of their business, and they will notice if anything is out of place. They work within created systems to achieve high-quality work that is delivered within deadlines.

The Task Master is likely to spend the majority of their time on the administrative and organizational aspects of their business, which may not leave an excess of time to focus on sales, networking, and marketing. They may want to hire someone who is naturally inclined to spend their time focusing on those activities, so they are able to create a well-oiled machine and a profitable business. As they focus on creating manuals and protocols to provide a consistent customer experience, they may desire a counterpart who is able to network and build relationships with their clients and business contacts.

The Task Master may enjoy a business that requires a number of task-oriented daily activities. If they are able to create—and complete—a checklist of activities, they will have a great sense of accomplishment in their daily life! The Task Master may not enjoy a business that requires aggressive salesmanship, frequent community involvement, or creative marketing.

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Is it possible to identify with more than one profile?

In many cases, an individual may have two dominant areas; for example, they may be most dominant as a Go-Getter but also strongly identify with the People Person. If that is the case, you may find that a number of the daily tasks required in a tutoring business are manageable for you! If you’d like to discuss your Sales Profile with us, please contact us and we can go over the results.

What is the best business profile for a tutoring franchise owner?

Regardless of your dominant type, you will find that there are some tasks within a tutoring business, children’s franchise, or service-based business that you naturally gravitate towards, and others that you leave to the last minute or prefer to delegate. It is important to know what you are inclined to focus on, so that you can surround yourself with the best staff members to help you manage the full list of key responsibilities needed within your business. Understanding your sales profile is a great first step in determining who you need to hire, as well as the type of business that will provide you with the greatest sense of fulfillment and the greatest potential for success.

With thousands of franchises to choose from, there are opportunities for every sales profile type to succeed in business! If you are unsure which franchise concepts may be best for you, we would be happy to discuss your profile results in greater detail.

No matter which business opportunity you pursue, it will be important to understand the daily activities that are required for success. If you know what your dominant trait is, it may be easier to narrow down the number of concepts you are considering to a smaller number, based on how you would like to spend your time, and what will come naturally to you. If you would like help in determining what kind of business would be the best fit for your career goals, family goals, and financial goals, please contact us and we would be happy to help you!

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