The Purpose Directed Business

The Purpose Directed Business

Fifteen years after its original release, The Purpose Directed Business has a fresh new look and tons of new content!

LearningRx founder, Dr. Ken Gibson, and CEO Kim Hanson co-authored The Purpose Directed Business to share the business principles that built the LearningRx brand, as well as 15 key profitability strategies for business success. This book is written with LearningRx franchisees in mind, but the concepts shared are valuable to anyone who runs (or wants to run!) their own business.

The Purpose Directed Business is a must-read for those of you who long to find true meaning in your work.

Kim Hanson and Dr. Ken Gibson share practical insights and wisdom to integrate business and core values. Inside, you will discover principles that will turn your success into a matter of identity and your profitability into true reward.

This updated version also includes five brand-new Franchisee Spotlights from individuals across the US. These amazing franchisees have owned their centers for as few as 1 year and as many as 14+ years! Their insight is invaluable to anyone who’s looking at running a LearningRx center of their own. Complete the form below to download a PDF copy of the book.

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