Brain Training from Orlando to Seattle

At LearningRx, we’re always excited to meet a potential franchisee and learn how he or she wants to impact their community. Our brain training franchises are led by people from all backgrounds and all locations, and we always love being able to bring our programs and success to a new part of the country. With locations from Orlando to Seattle, we’ve brought our programs to students all across the country, but we know that there are more towns and cities where students of all ages can benefit from our curriculum.

If you’re the parent of a school-aged child, a former administrator, or a teacher that witnessed firsthand the struggles that students face in the classroom, then you may be perfectly positioned to start your own LearningRx franchise. One of the first aspects of our process that we will cover is territory, explaining where our learning centers are already located, and where it will be best to place your new franchise. We want to ensure that this is a successful endeavor for you, both as a business owner and as someone who is bringing our programs to the students who need them.

To start your franchisee process, please contact us right away. We love meeting new people, learning where they are from, and seeing how they want their brain training franchise to impact those around them. No matter where you’re located, we can help you get started. We even have a brain training center in Hawaii, so no state is too close or too far!