Building a Successful Learning Platform

When you were in school, you hopefully had a curriculum that prepared you for the next assignment, and lessons that built on the ones that came before. You wanted to be ready for the quizzes and tests that your teacher would give you, but taking the knowledge you’d gained and applying it to new concepts was hopefully more important (and more focused upon). At LearningRx, we believe in helping students unlock the cognitive skills they need to progress through their school years and build on what they’ve learned in previous grades. Instead of tutoring to prepare for a test or helping students recall facts for a quiz, we want them to discover greater brainpower that lets them tackle any challenge, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our programs are designed to focus on distinct obstacles students can face, and build on what they’ve learned in school and experienced in life.

dreamstime_xxl_4772928Programs for Every Age

We believe that even the youngest student can begin to unlock greater cognitive power, and our LiftOff curriculum is designed for preschoolers through first graders. This program focuses on the foundational skills, such as early reading, that are vital to young learners. LiftOff can help them improve auditory processing, memory, reasoning, and more. It can be an extremely beneficial place to start for those students who continue with brain training through their elementary school years and beyond.

Our main brain training programs consist of ThinkRx, ReadRx, ComprehendRx, and MathRx. ThinkRx is our core program, and over 12 weeks, this curriculum focuses on all seven cognitive skills. ReadRx incorporates what the student learns in ThinkRx, and focuses on those skills critical to reading success. ComprehendRx then builds on that, taking reading comprehension to another level. MathRx is integral in helping students develop numerical fluency, calculation methods, and more. For those students looking to seamlessly transition from one core program to another, our Einstein curriculum incorporates ThinkRx, ReadRx, and MathRx.

A New Approach

Recently, we developed a new program called StudyRx. Since many students come to our learning centers hoping to develop better study and review skills, this program is designed not only to help them become better test-takers, but develop better learning approaches as well. StudyRx uses fictionalized stories of historical figures and how they found success in their respective field or industry. We’re currently piloting this program in a few of our learning centers around the country, and it will soon be released throughout the entire LearningRx network.

Continuing to Learn as an Adult

dreamstime_xxl_20680518Once you’ve graduated from high school or college, you may think that your learning days are over. You’ve taken each lesson or assignment and applied it to the next, until you reached the final or received your degree. However, just because you’ve been handed your diploma doesn’t mean you’re done learning. Our Brain Booster programs are designed for adults who have either completed our full program or who want to continue working on their cognitive skills. We also offer BrainSkills, which is a digital program that is a perfect supplement to our one-on-one training, or it can be used by those students or adults who have completed our core brain training curriculum.

If you’re interested in learning more about our brain training franchise opportunities, please contact us today. We believe in helping every student who walks through the door of one of our learning centers build a strong cognitive foundation that will put them on the path to success. Students and adults who are looking for a different take on academic tutoring can find the programs they need at your new LearningRx location.

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