Do You See a Need for Brain Training?

dreamstime_xxl_21588335Any business owner who has been successful in a certain trade or industry will most likely tell you that their success is due to the fact that they saw a need and found a way to fill it. It may have been a product that people needed or a service that their community did not have; regardless of the circumstances, success came because this person saw a need, found a way to fill it, and continued to provide a service or product from which people benefited. The same is true for LearningRx and our brain training programs – if you’ve recognized the need for something other than traditional tutoring in your community, we’re here to help.

Opening Your Center in the Right Place

When talking about filling a need that traditional tutoring can’t or hasn’t filled in your community, it’s important to understand what brain training offers that tutoring doesn’t. Our programs focus on making students better learners, not just giving them the ability to remember facts and figures for a quiz or exam. By improving their cognitive skills, such as attention, memory, and processing speed, they can find greater success in the classroom. If you know of schools where a large majority of students attend after-school tutoring sessions, that could determine the physical location your LearningRx center. Opening your center in a convenient spot near students and their families also puts you in the “right place” to meet their learning needs, providing both tangible results and intangible support as they work to overcome obstacles.

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If you’re interested in learning more about brain training in general, or have questions about our programs and how you can begin the process of becoming a franchisee, please call or contact us online today!

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