Has Your Child Expressed Interest in Having a Tutor?

Not every child likes the idea of having to spend more time on schoolwork, and perhaps even fewer like the idea of having a tutor. However, there are those who see the benefit of having some extra help, especially in a subject they like and want to know more about so they can advance more quickly. For example, a student who loves science may find that the classroom assignments they receive aren’t challenging enough, so they go to a specialized tutor who can provide them with more opportunities. If you have a child who has asked about a tutor, how many other parents out there have been asked the same question? At LearningRx, our brain training franchise system can allow you to help students find the opportunities they seek.

More Than Tutoring

We’ve said it before, and it’s something we stand behind – our programs are more than tutoring. While tutors can be extremely beneficial for students, in the end, they often only help with the immediate issue of a student who is struggling or a student who isn’t challenged enough. Our brain training programs are designed to help make students better learners who have improved cognitive skills such as attention, memory, and logic and reasoning. In the case of a student who is looking for more advanced studies, our programs can help them develop the skills necessary to tackle those projects and assignments that their classmates are not quite ready for.

Where Do You Factor In?

As a parent, and perhaps as a teacher or administrator, you’re invested in helping the next generation reach greater heights and achieve greater things. As a LearningRx franchisee, you can set up a center where students of all types and ages can come and work on their cognitive skills. You’ll be able to meet them and their parents, and learn what it is that led them to seek tutoring in the first place. Instead of an after-school group session with other students, or weekend help that only lasts for a semester, our one-on-one brain training gives a child the attention they need, and the same trainer can work with the student for several years. Rather than choosing a stopgap measure that addresses an immediate need, such as a test or a difficult assignment, you’ll be setting up the student for success both now and later in life.

If you’re interested in learning more about our franchise opportunities, contact us today for your Free Information Kit. We’d love to speak with you about what you see as your role in changing students’ lives, as well as what the projections are for starting a learning center in your city. We can also cover how much you can make as a franchisee, since after all, you might be changing careers in order to pursue this goal! Other details, such as expenses and initial investments will also be covered.

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