Show Students How They’re Improving

When you open a LearningRx education franchise in your community, you’re doing so in order to help students improve their cognitive skills, do better in the classroom, and have higher overall confidence. When a student first comes to your learning center, they will take a comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment, to show what areas they need to focus on and where the most attention should be paid. However, after that initial test, you want to be able to show the student and their parents what improvements they’ve made after completing certain stages of our brain training programs.

The scores that you can present to a student come in three forms:

  • Age Equivalent Scores – These show how a student compares with others of their same age, and up to age 16, will indicate where they rank among the average scores.
  • Standard Scores – These scores show how far above or below average the student score falls. We use a common IQ score, with 100 being the average
  • Percentile Scores – These scores show how a student ranks among 100 of their peers. If a student is in a lower percentile when they start, and then move up after a few months of brain training, they will essentially “move up in line” among those 100 peers. Percentiles present a clearer picture of progress than percentages, and that’s why we choose to use this scoring method.

If you want to see students succeed and improve their cognitive skills, contact LearningRx today. We’ll explain how you can start your own education franchise and give students access to opportunities that might not have had.