Why Choose Brain Training Over Tutoring?

Many parents that come to a LearningRx center want to know why they should choose brain training over traditional academic tutoring. As a franchise owner, it’s important that you’re able to provide the answers to their questions. For some students, the reason they don’t have the information they need or can’t remember the necessary steps to a solving a problem is that they were gone from class due to illness, or the regular teacher was gone for an extended period of time and the material was presented in a different way by a substitute. In those instances, tutoring can help a child catch up or make up work that was missed. If the student is struggling in several classes, or seems to exhibit the same attention or memory problems in different situations, brain training may be the better choice.

Our brain training programs target the weak cognitive skills that could be keeping a student from realizing their full potential and grasping new information when it is presented. It’s possible for a parent to think or hope that their child is simply “going through a phase,” and may outgrow these learning challenges, but unless the root issue is addressed at a cognitive level, these challenges will stay with them throughout their school years and even into adulthood. Tutoring can help them remember certain bits of information, but brain training will help them unlock greater cognitive potential.

When you open your LearningRx franchise, you’ll have both believers and skeptics that come to your location. When a parent asks you why our programs are better than traditional tutoring, you’ll be able to give them the answer!