Video Script

Your video should answer the following questions. Please say the statements below and fill in the blanks using no more than 4 words per blank. Your entire video should be less than 2 minutes long. (In parentheses, you’ll see the gist of what we are looking for in your answers.)


  1. Before I opened my LearningRx center, I was working as a ____________ but wished I could __________. (Why was your previous job not meeting your needs or goals?)
  2. When I first opened my LearningRx center, my goals were to_______________ and _____________. (How did think LearningRx was going to help you meet your career/lifestyle/family goals?)
  3. Opening a LearningRx center has allowed me to____________________.  (How has LearningRx impacted your family and/or your lifestyle?)
  4. Instead of working for someone else, I get to _____________________. (What do you love about being your own boss?)
  5. The best part of being a LearningRx franchisee is definitely _______________.  (What is your favorite part of each day or week?)

For a printable version, click here: 2024 Testimonial Video Script