Testimonial Video Requirements

Your video can be filmed on your smartphone or camera and must meet these requirements:

1. Be filmed with good lighting. Ideally, sit facing a window or use a ring light.

2. Have a professional, uncluttered background. Maureen is a great example here:


3. Be shot horizontally (not vertically) with you in the middle third of the shot. Your head, shoulders and chest should be visible with some space between the top of your head and top of the frame. Like this:

4. Have clear audio with no background noise. If you have a mic, use it! If you don’t, be sure you silence your phone.

5. Feature you looking your best. Nice shirt (a logo shirt is even better!), your hair done nicely, etc.

6. Be set up with the camera at eye level. Set your computer or phone on a stand or books and look into the camera when you speak (don’t look at the image of yourself). Like this: