How much does it cost?

Most franchisees spend approximately $90,000-$149,000 to get their center up and running. We ask you to have access to $150,000 in working capital. For a full breakdown, visit page 14 of our Franchise Information Kit.


What are my ongoing fees?

Our royalty is 8% of collections. We also have a monthly Marketing Development Fund fee of 3% which is applied to the creation of our incredible marketing pieces, social media marketing management, and national PR.

How long does the process take?

Our process is designed for candidates who will be ready to open their center in the next 3 to 6 months. People who make quick decisions will go through the franchise award process in about 4 weeks; those who like to deliberate will take closer to 8 weeks.

Where does financing come from?

We work with a number of experts who have been able to help our franchisees find financial assistance in a number of different areas, from 401K rollovers to home equity loans, from SBA loans to Angel investors. We can share that information, along with other pieces of information that banks and lenders may ask for regarding LearningRx, during our process.

What qualifications do you need to run a center?

Every one of our franchisees has a passion to help others. Beyond that, the only other requirement is a 4-year degree. You don’t have to have a specific background to run a center. However, the work of a LearningRx franchisee requires a passion for sales, networking, and marketing.

What qualifications do your trainers need?

We ask all of our trainers to either have, or be working towards, a 4-year degree. The most important thing for our trainers to have are strong cognitive skills in order to train their students. They also need to be teachable.

What training is offered to LearningRx Franchisees?

Training is a top priority for us! Before you even open your LearningRx Center, you will have the opportunity to shadow one of our existing franchisees in their center. You will also attend our 10-day franchise training in Colorado Springs. After your center opens, you will receive an onsite visit with a member of our LearningRx support team, as well as a visit with one of our best-converting franchisees to fine-tune your consultation skills. We also offer ongoing training to your team through our LearningRx Helpdesk, regularly scheduled calls with our Support staff, the LearningRx Online University, Intensive Training sessions, and annual conventions.

How long will it take me to break even?

We can’t make any claims about how long it will take to break even because it is not included in our earnings claim. We can, however, give you a break even calculator during the process to help you evaluate how long you think it may take. You will also get a chance to speak with our current franchisees, and they are typically very forthcoming with this information from their own personal experiences.

Do you work with school districts?

We have had some luck working with independent school districts, but many schools do not refer directly to LearningRx centers. It is most important to create a great relationship with teachers and administrators in your community, so that parents asking “what do you think of LearningRx?” will hear great things from their teachers, counselors, and principals.

How much can I make?

Our earnings claim will show you how each of our centers who were open for most recent full fiscal year performed. We cannot make any claims about your earning potential. Once you receive the Franchise Disclosure Document, you’ll receive more information on how our centers did last year. Keep in mind that our best performing centers are those who spend the majority of their time and money on networking and marketing.

Is there territory available in my area?

Our goal is to provide each franchisee with the best clients in the best area. We look at a number of factors in order to determine where a franchisee will be most successful. To learn more, complete our Request for Consideration Form so that we can begin your franchise award process and work together to create the best possible territory.

How do you measure results?

Each of our students is pre- and post-tested using nationally normed and validated cognitive tests. These tests measures a person’s cognitive skills as a percentile, and we can then determine what skills are weakest. Learn more about our cognitive training results by downloading the Client Outcomes and Research Results Report. 2016 Client Outcomes and Research Results Report