LearningRx Programs feature one-on-one brain training with a personal brain trainer.

The video above shows a demonstration of a few of our brain training procedures. As you can see, our programs are delivered in a one-on-one setting, in which automatic feedback can be given to the student; this allows for an instant correction and also creates “high five” moments for students and their trainers. Our programs also rely on a concept called loading, in which difficulty and complexity are added to an activity. LearningRx procedures are designed to provide an intense mental workout to the student. Working one-on-one allows the trainer to adjust the procedures to the level of difficulty that each individual student requires. We have over 200 proprietary procedures across our programs, which are listed below.


Studies show that weak cognitive skills are the primary cause of 80% of all learning problems(1). ThinkRx uses 35 different procedures to train all major cognitive (learning) skills through intense one-on-one training. These skills include: attention (yes, you can strengthen attention skills), memory, processing speed, auditory & visual processing, and logic & reasoning.


Many parents are looking for reading help for their child, something that many traditional tutoring centers offer. So how does LearningRx differ? Results! Our reading results are unmatched by any other reading program. The government spent $200 million to find out why people fail to read. Using that research we created a reading program that first corrects the cognitive underlying cause of why they couldn’t read in the first place and then gives them a systematic reading program that makes reading easier. Not only do we get incredible results, but we provide the best value for parents looking for reading help.


MathRx builds on the strong cognitive training of ThinkRx. Specific training exercises quickly enhance a student’s numeric fluency, calculation speed, logic & reasoning, and other high level math-specific skills. Focusing on key skills required for good number sense produces growing success in all levels of mathematics.


ComprehendRx targets the brain skills critical for reading comprehension. Going far beyond decoding written words, this program strengthens the skills necessary for dramatically improved understanding, retention, and application.


LiftOff gives preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students the jumpstart that only strong underlying learning skills can produce. Training designed specifically for this age group lays the foundation for learning to read easily, grasping fundamental learning principles quickly, and maintaining the enthusiasm for school that almost every student begins with.


StudyRx helps clients develop stronger study skills. The program teaches clients 14 test-taking tips, 12 top learning strategies, as well as eight core study skills based on fictionalized stories of historical figures and the habits, skills, and perspectives that contributed to their success. StudyRx is currently being piloted in a few of our centers, and will soon be released across the LearningRx system.

brain-boosterBrain Booster

Brain Booster programs are offered in two formats. The first is for adults who do not have a need for a full program, and instead are interested in doing mental exercises with a trainer at their own convenience. The Brain Booster program for adults is offered in 12, 18, or 24-session segments. Brain Booster is also offered to clients who have completed one of our other full programs and are interested in additional one-on-one training.


BrainSkills is a digital brain training program that can be used to supplement the one-on-one training that is the cornerstone of all of our programs, or as a maintenance program for those who have completed one of our full one-on-one programs.

1To learn more about the 80% figure, click here.