Brain Training Franchise Results

When you choose to franchise with LearningRx, you are leveraging client results unlike any others in the education franchise and brain training industries. And it’s backed up by science.

Standing out in education franchising.

Unlike LearningRx, no other franchise has 20+ peer reviewed, published research studies validating their client outcomes. With such strong science supporting our programs, our franchisees can confidently communicate what we do – as well as the results we get – to new clients and referring professionals in their communities.

Own a Profitable Education Franchise

LearningRx is very different from online brain games and other clinical cognitive therapy programs. Dr. Ken Gibson, founder of LearningRx, spent more than 35 years developing and refining our groundbreaking approach based on scientific research. Additionally, he incorporated the feedback of educational professionals, psychologists, speech therapists, vision therapists, and neuroscientists. As a result, LearningRx programs are systematic and easy to learn for new franchisees and their employees.

“Not all cognitive training programs are alike! LearningRx is distinct in many ways from the variety of digital training programs available today. Foremost, LearningRx programs are delivered by a clinician who gives dynamic feedback throughout every training session. Further, LearningRx programs are based on the Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory of intelligence, a widely-accepted view of cognition and the theoretical foundation of modern day cognitive assessment. LearningRx is comprehensive; targeting and training seven key cognitive skills and multiple sub-skills.”

Christina Ledbetter, PhD Clinical Neuroscientist and Research Fellow LSU Health Sciences Center

Open an education franchise with outstanding client results.