More than 60 years of Franchise leadership experience.

The LearningRx leadership team has a combined 60+ years of brain training and franchising experience. New franchisees benefit from decades of refinement in the LearningRx business systems and programs.

How it all started.

Dr. Ken Gibson began his professional career as an optometrist and pediatric vision specialist. However, his passion for helping struggling readers prompted him to find out why students continued to struggle after vision therapy.

After some initial success with his early cognitive programs, Dr. Gibson spent several decades researching and developing programs to measure and train core cognitive skills. During this period, he trained more than 1,000 professionals in the fields of education, medicine, and psychology on how to use his brain-building techniques to help their own clients and patients.

Then in 2002, Dr. Gibson founded LearningRx Brain Training Centers to make brain training accessible to more families. In 2003, he began franchising LearningRx in the education franchise and child franchise industries. Today, LearningRx is the largest one-on-one brain training company in the world, having completed more than 6 million brain training sessions with centers in 37+ countries around the globe.

Our Team

Dr. Gibson’s daughter and one of his first students and brain trainers, Kim joined LearningRx in 2004 as VP of Support. In 2017, she became CEO. She has a family with four children and is a potter extraordinaire!

With LearningRx from its inception, Dean has served as LearningRx President and took the role of COO in 2017. An avid outdoorsman, Dean loves spending time hunting with his kids and enjoys cracking some pretty cool dad jokes.

Carrie Downs comes with 15+ years in marketing strategies and analytics, working with major brands like Kimberly-Clark and Under Armour. Carrie is a former educator, loves learning, and has a passion for helping businesses succeed.

Jody opened her first of 3 LearningRx centers along with her husband in 2005.  Since then she has trained countless trainers and students. Jody loves spending time with her family traveling, playing cards, golfing, watching baseball or just eating pizza!

Natalie caught the LearningRx bug in 2010 having served at the LearningRx corporate one-on-one brain training center director, franchisee business coach, and now as the director of franchise development. She loves kayaking, exploring a new trail, and relaxing under her covered patio with her family of three.

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