Brain Training for Gifted Students

When people think about academic tutoring or brain training exercises, their first thought may be about students that struggle in class or have trouble completing assignments. While LearningRx’s programs are designed to help students overcome classroom challenges and develop stronger cognitive skills, they can also benefit students that are enrolled in gifted or advanced classes.

Many times, a gifted student doesn’t feel challenged in a traditional classroom setting, or finishes their work long before anyone else, and this can make them feel ostracized or different from the other children. With our brain training programs, these students can focus on strengthening areas where they may need some improvement, such as auditory processing or memory, while improving┬áthose areas that are already well-developed, such as logic and reasoning or sustained attention. Our curriculum can provide challenges that they don’t encounter in the classroom, as well as the one-on-one time that most teachers can’t provide during a busy school day.

Brain training shouldn’t be perceived as a tool only for students that struggle. LearningRx’s programs were developed to help students of all ages and all ability levels. A gifted student may become lazy or apathetic about schoolwork, simply because it doesn’t interest them or demand a complete effort. When you open a learning center in your community, you’ll be able to engage with gifted and advanced students, and give them something to strive toward that piques their interest and pushes them to work hard every single day. Contact us today for more information on starting your franchise!