Spotlight on Success: LearningRx Franchisee Rich Frieder

Spotlight on Success: LearningRx Franchisee Rich Frieder

Rich Frieder has been a LearningRx franchisee in the Twin Cities for over 10 years. He came to LearningRx looking for help for his daughter, who was struggling in school. After exhausting all of their local resources, Rich and his wife, Teri, decided to open their first center in Eagan, Minnesota. You can hear more about Rich’s LearningRx Story below:

Rich has a marketing background and has always prioritized local marketing and networking as part of his weekly tasks. As Rich continues to run his three centers in Minnesota with a heavy emphasis on networking, marketing, and referrals, he realizes that the past 10 years of consistent brand recognition in his community have led to his success. Rich is consistently a top performer in the LearningRx system and he has seen incredible, life-changing transformations for over 1000 students.

Following the COVID-19 shutdowns and quick pivot from LearningRx to virtual training, Rich has seen his business steadily increase. Considering the first half of 2021, Rich says, “I’ve seen a big increase in demand for our services this year.  COVID has been so hard on so many students and we are uniquely positioned to help and address the root cause of these struggles. In fact, we have a waiting list at a few of our centers. Business is looking good!”

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